​Bryn Mawr United Methodist Church | Seattle 

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10:45 a.m. on Sunday
Bryn Mawr United Methodist Church Gift Card Fundraiser
Bryn Mawr United Methodist Church has taken a special interest to find ways to raise funds.  We know that everyone is experiencing difficult times, but we all still do some kind of spending somewhere.

We are encouraging you to buy gift cards from us, when you do we receive a percentage from the retailer and Great Lakes Scrip Center.  You still get to spend all of the amount you purchase the gift card for.

We place gift card orders once a month, on the second Sunday of each month as long as there are orders to place.  You then will receive the gift cards the following Sunday or see Darlene about getting it sooner.

Pick up a complete list of retailers,  in the Fellowship Hall at Bryn Mawr United Methodist Church.
It lists the store name, the increment amount to order with percentage that goes to the church.  Remember the percentage does not come out of your gift card amount.  

Here is an example of a small amount to order, but give a very high return to the church.  Order 5 tickets for $10.50 each equals $52.50.  The church gets $5.25 (10% of $52.50) from Great Lakes Scrip Center and AMC Theatres.  You get the full value to spend. 
Bath & Body Works $10 or $25 cards gives 13%
By ordering $50 worth of Bath & Body Works, the church gets $6.50 (13% of $50).
Again you get the full value to spend.  
AMC Theatres Gold Tickets $10.50 each gives 10%
Pros to ordering gift cards from BMUMC:
--Raise funds for the church budget
--Track your spending easier
--Make convenient gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, hostess gifts, graduations, and great to hand out as a random act of kindness to a complete stranger, friend, or family member.
--No fees 
--Keep you on a budget
--Don't have to carry cash
--Helps you organize your giving and spending
--No minimum order

Grocery Chains: (Example)
Safeway                    4%
Sam's Club                 2.5%
Target                       2%
Wal-Mart                    2.5%
Whole Foods Market   3%
What You Order is What You Get to Spend from the Gift Cards!
Health & Beauty :
Barnes & Noble          9%
Bed, Bath & Beyond   7% 
K-Mart                       4%
Kohl's                        4%
MasterCuts                8%
Overstock.com          8%
Regis Salon                8%
Rite Aid                     4%
Sally Beauty Supply   12%
Supercuts                  8%
ULTA                         4%
Walgreens                  6%
Walmart                    2.5%